4 Painting Mistakes to Avoid with Cincinnati Painting Projects Here are a few pointers to avoid some common mistakes that are made when doing your Cincinnati Exterior Painting project: Painting on the cheap Low priced paints can seem like a good deal at the time but they don’t lasts like top quality paints. They

It’s Spring, Let’s paint that Cincinnati exterior! There are a few great reasons to do Cincinnati exterior painting in the Spring. First, it’s nice outside. Working outside in the spring is like playing in the garden. The days start out nice and mild and warms as you go so you can schedule your exterior painting

Don’t do Exterior Painting in the Fall

Friday, 23 October 2015 by

Don’t do Exterior Painting in the Fall Exterior Cincinnati Painting of a house in the fall can cause issues of cracking, peeling, and flaking within a year or two. It is not always because you didn’t prepare correctly or used bad paint, but you just may have waited too late into the season for outdoor

We Paint Cincinnati-Cincinnati Painting

Saturday, 29 August 2015 by

Welcome to the new website for We Paint Cincinnati, a full service commercial and residential painting company. We do Cincinnati interior painting as well as Cincinnati Exterior painting. Our site may be new but our painters have many years of experience. Please call us today for a free quote on your next Cincinnati painting project!