Do It Yourself: Interior Painting

Friday, 31 March 2017 by

Cincinnati Interior painting can be a daunting task because it’s something that you will see every single day when you wake up and look at your walls. You don’t want to make a mess or make beginner mistakes that will stare back at you during breakfast. The correct way to do this is to prepare

Figure out an estimate before a bid

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 by

How to Estimate a Commercial Painting Project  You are nearing the launch of your new building  and you are eager to get inside. After all the electric part is finished, you want to be able to move in and start working in that new space as soon as possible. Before you get ahead of yourself

You’ve probably been putting this off for a while. A long while. More like several years, but you can’t ignore it anymore. It’s time for that exterior painting project. Being the crafty person you are, you are confident you can pull this off and you certainly can. Going the DIY route can be a great

Exterior Painting can be a Great Investment Long lasting results from a quality exterior painting job can give you the greatest value for your dollar. These results just do not happen. By properly preparing the surface to be painted by a trained knowledgeable painter, along with applying the proper premium products, is how long lasting

Prepare your home for the holiday

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 by

Making Your Home Holiday Ready Tis the season to fill your home with friends and family! The holidays are upon us which means you want to have plenty of guests over in the next few months. Make certain that you can enjoy those times with your family and friends. Make sure your home is ready

Reasons to not paint your house yourself

Thursday, 03 November 2016 by

Painting your Cincinnati home A new paint job for your Cincinnati home, whether exterior or interior is like a new haircut for you, it makes you feel clean, refreshed and even the people who see you frequently, like your neighbors will notice. Changing up the colors in your home is a great way to give

  4 Painting Mistakes to Avoid with Cincinnati Painting Projects Here are a few pointers to avoid some common mistakes that are made when doing your Cincinnati Exterior Painting project: Painting on the cheap Low priced paints can seem like a good deal at the time but they don’t lasts like top quality paints. They

It’s Spring, Let’s paint that Cincinnati exterior! There are a few great reasons to do Cincinnati exterior painting in the Spring. First, it’s nice outside. Working outside in the spring is like playing in the garden. The days start out nice and mild and warms as you go so you can schedule your exterior painting

Don’t do Exterior Painting in the Fall

Friday, 23 October 2015 by

Don’t do Exterior Painting in the Fall Exterior Cincinnati Painting of a house in the fall can cause issues of cracking, peeling, and flaking within a year or two. It is not always because you didn’t prepare correctly or used bad paint, but you just may have waited too late into the season for outdoor