Your bedroom is your own special space. You can always go to it to relax and unwind from the stress of the day. It should be an environment that is warm and welcoming, and it should be designed well for the purpose it serves, sleeping. There is a variety of factors that you need to

There are many tasks that need to be completed by a homeowner. Whether you are replacing furnace filters, smoke detector batteries, cleaning the gutters, or maintaining the HVAC system, you have a tremendous responsibility to keep your home in good working condition. This includes the exterior painting of your house. In this short guide, you

Have you purchased a new or used home in the Cincinnati area? If so, there are many tasks to complete and challenges along the way. Moving can be stressful and one of the many tasks that need to be performed is house painting. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five

Now that winter has arrived and you are stuck in the house during the cold months in Cincinnati, why not take on a few of those projects that you have been meaning to get to? Interior painting is a task that most people dread due to the length of time and need for multiple supplies

With the fall and winter season in the Cincinnati, Ohio region, it is imperative to make sure your exterior siding and paint are protected. One of the best ways to do this is to perform exterior painting to your home’s surface. By doing so, you are defending the home’s facade from the harsh weather that

Are your indoor walls starting to fade? Has it been entirely too long since you have done any interior painting in your home? If so, you are in the majority of homeowner’s who are slacking on keeping their indoor walls maintained as well as trendy in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. In this short guide, you

Winter is upon us here in Cincinnati, Ohio and this means long days of staying indoors where it is warm. One thing you can do to avoid boredom is house painting, specifically interior painting in the bathroom. Bathrooms do not get much love, so now is a great time to slap a new coat of

Save on the drips

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Watch this tip to protect yourself from dripping paint on your dropcloths and making a mess. Mess-Free House Painting Hack by FamilyHandyMan

Exterior painting can be a challenge, especially if you own a large house. Usually, a handyman can perform chimney repairs, some remodeling, power washing, and repair damage to the gutters.  When it comes to exterior painting though, you want to leave it to the professionals, such as a Cincinnati painting contractor. In this short guide,

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Colors for Your Home Most of us like the remodeling of an old-style house or the purchase of a new home. But, sometimes choosing the interior painting color can be the biggest headache of the whole process. How do you even contemplate selecting a color? Just as a handyman