How Often Should Exterior Painting be Completed?

exterior paintingThere are many tasks that need to be completed by a homeowner. Whether you are replacing furnace filters, smoke detector batteries, cleaning the gutters, or maintaining the HVAC system, you have a tremendous responsibility to keep your home in good working condition. This includes the exterior painting of your house. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five considerations to take into account on how often the exterior of your home should be painted.

1. Area in which you live

One of the primary considerations on how often to perform exterior painting depends on the area in which you live. Cincinnati has cold, harsh winters that can damage your paint from the moisture that develops in the home when it heats up. You may need to complete outdoor painting more often in cold or humid climates.

2. The amount of time available

Are you a busy professional? Is your time scattered thinly as it is? If so, you are not alone. Many homeowners find themselves struggling to keep up with tasks such as the exterior painting of the home. If you see that you are too busy to get the painting accomplished, do not refuse to paint as it could cause repercussions down the line. Call in a professional painter or handyman to perform the task for you!

3. A quality exterior painting job

Anyone who knows about home products knows that quality goes much farther than quantity. If you are looking to extend the timeframe in which you need to paint, make sure to choose a quality paint to put on the exterior of your home. This will make the paint job last much longer than a watered down version and will keep your home looking brand new.

4. Will you be selling your home?

Do you have any plans to move in the next few years? If so, make sure to keep the task of painting completed frequently. Paint helps to seal in and protect your wood siding. You want to paint often to keep moisture out of your siding, which can end up damaging the wood and insulation, causing mold and mildew to grow. This damage would need to be repaired before putting your home on the market.

5. Maintenance and upkeep

The last reason to consider how often to perform exterior painting in your home is the upkeep and maintenance schedule. There is a lot of maintenance that a homeowner does. Whether it is maintaining fireplace and chimney repairs or performing roofing inspections, there is a lot on your mind. Put painting into the rotation to keep your home looking new.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider how often exterior painting should be performed. It along with exterior power washing, landscaping, and remodeling are all tasks that at one time or another need to be accomplished in your home. Whether you perform these functions more often or not is based on a variety of things such as where you live, if you will be selling your home, how much time you have, and numerous other conditions. Just know that painting should be done on your Cincinnati home at regular intervals to keep your home looking beautiful and brand new!

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