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Interior Painting: Paint Like a Pro With Our Six Simple Steps

interior paintingAre your indoor walls starting to fade? Has it been entirely too long since you have done any interior painting in your home? If so, you are in the majority of homeowner’s who are slacking on keeping their indoor walls maintained as well as trendy in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. In this short guide, you will be informed of how to paint like a professional with only six easy painting tips.

1. Verify you have a flat surface

The most important step to take in interior painting occurs before you actually start the painting process. To be able to paint your living room wall, dining room wall, or any other wall is to make sure it is fully prepared to take on paint. Inspect the wall for any imperfections such as scrapes, holes, cracks, and uneven areas. Make sure you correctly patch, sand, or fill any blemishes you find. If you do not prepare your surface before starting, you will have a weak paint job, as you will see the surface problems through the paint.

2. Use primer before interior painting

Another critical step to take when painting a wall, especially if you are painting over a darker color, is to prime the area. This does seem like just more painting, but the primer traps the prior color and prevents it from seeping through to the new coat of paint that you are applying. This painting tip is essential because the primer allows the paint to adhere to your walls, so there is no blistering, cracking, or peeling of the paint once it has been applied. It also allows you to paint only one coat of your top coat.

3. Utilize the correct equipment

The right tools for the job are crucial when it comes to painting. Just as a handyman working on the gutters needs a ladder, or a power washing technician needs a hose, a painter requires the correct equipment as well. These tools consist of different types of brushes, a step stool, a roller, an extension to the roller for high areas, the paint, a drop cloth, a stir stick, and cleaning wipes. If you start out with the correct equipment, your interior painting task will be done in no time!

4. Use an appropriate method

A great painting tip that the pros use is to start at the bottom and roll to the top. You need to be consistent and perform the action each time you paint or roll your paint on. If you do not, the same area is painted repeatedly, usually the middle of the wall, and the color will not be even and does not dry as fast. When you are consistent, you are even in your rolling or brushing, and your final project turns out perfect.

5. Leave trim for last

The next simple step for painting is to leave the trim for last. It is much easier to paint the entire wall your desired color than it is to start out painting the trim first. Your wall can be covered relatively quickly, but brushing the trim takes a little longer due to the careful detail you have to put into it. Make sure to paint the trim last, and your wall will look great!

6. Clean-up

The last excellent painting tip for the six simple steps to painting like a professional is to not forget about clean up. Just like the HVAC technician who has to put your compressor back together when finished, you need to put your painting supplies away. When you have painted the last stoke, you might think you are done for the day, but that is not so. Clean up is an essential portion of painting to keep your tools in good working order. You need to rinse all the brushes and rollers with water, pick up the drop cloth, and seal and store the paint for future use.

As you can see, there are many steps to perform interior painting in your house. Whether you use all the painting tips we have provided, or you use a few for your remodeling, your paint job will be fast, easy, thorough, and beautiful to look at. If you follow our advice on the steps to paint like a professional, you will have the best looking interior in all of Cincinnati!

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