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Exterior Painting: What House Color Combinations are in Trend?

Exterior PaintingIf you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio region, you know how fast houses are bought and sold. Have you recently purchased a new home that is in need of exterior painting? If you are new to residential painting of a large house, it can be quite overwhelming. One of the hardest things to do is pick the color palette. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four exterior house color combinations that are trendy right now.

1. Warm

What color is your HVAC condenser? What color are the gutters painted? What hue do you want on the expanse of your new home? When performing exterior painting of a house, you need to think about three distinct areas to paint. These include the siding, which is the dominant color, the trim that is usually a lighter shade, and the accent. The accent can be lighter or darker, but it should draw attention to the home. When painting and remodeling your new house, a warm color can make it feel homey and comfortable. The warm colors include reds, yellows, and oranges. An excellent color combination for the warm palette would be to paint the expanse of the house in red, use bright white on the trim for contrast, and then use a canary yellow for the front door to pull it off as a focal point.

2. Cool

Another color decision you need to process is if you want cool colors for your home. The cool hues are considered to be the blues, the greens, and the gray shades. A lot of homes are doing their residential painting in cool colors. Dark blues are making substantial dwellings look smaller which is a nice addition if you have a large house sitting next to a one-story neighbor’s house. Some trendy color combinations for the cool palette include a pretty aquamarine bluish-green color with the trim done in white to make the color pop and an accent of tangerine, which has a yellow-orange hue. This added warm color gives the home a focal point such as the front door for a mesmerizing effect.

3. Neutral

Neutral colors are another grouping of colors you could choose to use for exterior painting of your house. The neutral colors consist of black, white, browns, and grays. Beige or buttercream yellow gives off a happy feeling when selected as the dominant color for the siding of your home. Combined with white for the trim and the neutral color black for the focal point of the front door as well as the roofing, give this color scheme a trendy factor.

4. Wild

If you are looking to be a rebel and go big or go home, you can choose a wild and bright color to paint your home. Make sure this is following the homeowner association rules of your subdivision if you live in one as you do not want to get fined. Also, maybe tone down your exterior painting hue to match the style of what the neighbors have on their houses. Hot pink is excellent unless everyone else has muted colors, then it is just obnoxious.

Make your exterior painting job shine

As you can see, many combinations of hues would shine brightly on your new home. If you have trouble with exterior painting or have never performed residential painting on a large home before, make sure you call a local and experienced handyman or a professional painting team to assist you with the job. If you follow our advice on the top four exterior house color combinations that are currently trending, you will have the brightest and most fashionable house in all of Cincinnati!

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