Interior Painting: 5 Elements of an Amazing Bathroom Paintjob

interior paintingWinter is upon us here in Cincinnati, Ohio and this means long days of staying indoors where it is warm. One thing you can do to avoid boredom is house painting, specifically interior painting in the bathroom. Bathrooms do not get much love, so now is a great time to slap a new coat of paint onto your bathroom’s dull walls. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five elements of an amazing bathroom paint job.

1. Durable paint

The most critical element to an amazing bathroom paint job is the actual paint itself. You need to select a durable paint, especially to go around windows and doors as they get much abuse in the bathroom. Make sure to choose a semi-gloss or gloss paint that is extra durable for bathrooms. Make sure it has humidity control and mold and mildew protection as well since it will be in a moist environment, much like the moisture your gutters and roofing materials experience outside in the rainy season.

2. Great lighting

Another excellent way to display an amazing paint job in the bathroom is with proper lighting, whether it be natural light or human-made lighting. Natural lighting on the walls will give off a lighter color, but natural lighting to the ceiling will highlight any uneven texture, blemish, or flaw. Use a flat sheen on the ceiling to avoid any imperfections on the ceiling. Artificial lighting will cast shadows on the bathroom wall and can sometimes come across as darker than intended. Try to choose a color two shades lighter than your favorite as it will come out the best with artificial lighting.

3. Proper ventilation

One of the most important ways to have an amazing bathroom paint job is to make sure you have appropriate ventilation in your bathrooms. Humidity can cause much damage to interior paint, causing it to peel and the painting to be redone. Humidity can also cause mold on your paint job. It is vital to ask your paint supplier for paint that will be used in a bathroom to get humidity control as well as paint that can resist mold and mildew.

4. Smooth texture

Another way to ensure an amazing bathroom feature is to make sure you start with a smooth surface to the bathroom walls. If you have walls that are uneven, when you paint that area, it highlights the rough space and makes it stand out, showing a pitiful paint job. You can ask your local paint supplier for drywall finish to get a flawless result. You could also see if a local handyman could come out and sand down the uneven finish before you start your remodeling.

5. Accessories

Interior painting can be surprising due to aspects other than the paint. Your paint color and the type of paint are essential, but what can make your paint job ‘pop’ is the accessories that go along with it. If you are looking for elegance, make sure to replace your bathroom countertops with marble or another light natural stone. Add in white flowers to the mix as well. Add in candles, and you have an amazing paint job fit for a queen.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to make the interior painting of your bathroom shine. Interior painting, especially in the bathroom can be quick and simple to master. Whether you install proper lighting, have smooth walls, use durable paint, or add accessories, your bathroom will be bright and airy after a new coat of paint. If you follow our advice on the top five elements of an Amazing bathroom paint job, your powder room will be the most colorful in all of Cincinnati!

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