Exterior Painting: Make Your Yard More Interesting with Color

exterior paintingWith the arrival of fall and winter in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, dreary skies and cold weather can get you down. One way to bring color and happiness back into your life on gloomy days is to complete simple remodeling or perform exterior painting of the house and within your yard. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five painting tips to make your yard more interesting with color.

1. Utilize similar colors

One of the best painting tips when trying to bring color into your yard is to make sure everything ties in together. You want to make sure that your colors do not clash against one another. If you go to a home store and check out paint swatches in the exterior painting aisle, you will see what kinds of colors go well with one another.

2. Paint your fence

Another great way to bring color into your outdoor space is to paint your privacy fence. Most people stain the wall, but you can also paint it any number of colors that will match your style. If you do not have time to paint, hire a local handyman to complete the project for you. Choose a less vibrant color if you have a long expanse of fence. If you have a short section of wall, you can use a wild color that will match your patio furniture or any artwork you have on the patio. If you have children, try using chalk paint on the fence in an area for the kids so they can draw on the fence for years to come.

3. Sculptures

Another excellent way to bring exterior painting into your yard is with decorative sculptures and artwork. The sculptures can reside on the patio, near the HVAC unit, or in a water feature closer to the garden. Anything that is bright and is original to your personality will work as a sculpture. You can also purchase or make outdoor artwork to hang on the exterior of the home that is both colorful and decorative. It will give your outdoor yard that cozy indoor feel.

4. Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are a fantastic way to bring color into the yard. Usually, flowers are for springtime, but you can get specific flowers and flowering bushes that will flower in the fall and winter to give your yard a beautiful flash of color all winter. Make sure to properly care for them when you need services such as power washing or roofing repairs completed.

5. Outdoor patio furniture

The last great tip on bringing color to your backyard is with colorful and decorative patio furniture. Make sure you choose a pattern or color that you enjoy. Then add in accessories to the furniture such as throw pillows, a blanket, coasters, or an outdoor rug that match the colors in your furniture. Your patio will be your happy place, and you will be delighted with the color scheme!

As you can see, there are many ways to brighten up your house and yard with color. Whether you choose fence painting, to bring in a sculpture, use patio furniture, or plant flowering bushes, your Cincinnati yard with be busting with beautiful vibrant colors all winter long. If you follow our advice on the top five exterior painting tips to make your yard more interesting with color, you will have the brightest color yard on the block!

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