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How to Estimate a Commercial Painting Project Within Budget

It could be the next project for your company, and your new location is already planned for construction. After all the electric part is finished, you want to be able to move in and start working in that new space as soon as possible. But before you get ahead of yourself and start moving all the new stuff to your new gym in with flying colors, maybe you need to hire a commercial painting contractor.cincinnati commercial painting

Steps of a Commercial Painting Project

Before taking any other stepon your commercial painting project, you need to determine what needs to be done to the new space. Anyone can give you a quote, but you need to know what work you need done so you can understand what is estimated in that number. Besides the materials and the wages, there are other factors to consider.

Calculating Materials Needed

You want to be able to define which walls needs to be painted. And not just which ones. If there are several colors, you want to be as specific as which walls should be painted each specific color. Next, calculate the square footage to be painted. This will give you a much better idea of how many gallons of paint and materials you will need. The yield for each gallon of paint is about 400 square feet on smooth walls and 350 for textured walls.

There are some other factors to consider. For example, a textured or rough-textured surface can take up to 10% more paint than the comparable same-sized smooth-textured wall. Built-in fixtures that need to be worked around such as outlets, fans, or high walls have to be considered as well to estimate the necessary time correctly. All these painting tips and considerations are important to keep in mind in case your contractor takes more time than what was estimated initially.

Two coats of paint means doubling up on your paint surface total. Another of the most fundamental painting tips is to make sure you add primer to make the paint job look professional and last longer. If you’re going to invest in this, it should be a job done well. Make sure to include other materials to the shopping list such as scrapers, sandpaper, masks, booties, replacement rollers, painter’s tape, and cleaning supplies.

Hours Add Up

Is your company a grocery store? Is it a gym? Are there additional considerations to the specific place you are planning to run? If there are any, your commercial painting contractor should know these painting tips. Commercial gyms will need additional steps to finish paintwork, such as in bathroom tiles and pools. Aside from the base pay that each worker will receive, factor in and add other expenses such as overhead costs, transportation costs and everything else that gets the day’s work done.

Shopping Time

Now that you’ve added up the surface, hours, and numbers, you can decide to start looking into quotes and different contractors for your commercial painting project  in your area and choose one of them. Make sure they are licensed as a company that operates in your area and that they comply with the state EPA regulations on use of and management of hazardous waste.

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