7 Tips for Choosing the Best Colors for Your Home

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Colors for Your Home

Most of us like the remodeling of an old-style house or the purchase of a new home. But, sometimes choosing the interior painting color can be the biggest headache of the whole process. How do you even contemplate selecting a color? Just as a handyman or a power washing expert can tell you about the details of their profession, a Cincinnati painting contractor can do the same with the hues, values, and saturation of interior painting colors. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top seven tips for choosing the best colors for your home.

  1. Use lighting to your benefit

When we think of light, we think of electricity, overhead lights, and brightness. It doesn’t register that lighting can affect the color you choose to place on your walls. One tactic to use in selecting an interior wall color is to know how the different lighting (natural, fluorescent, and incandescent) can change the color. While natural lighting will show the truest color, lighting such as incandescent will modify the color to bring out yellows while fluorescent lighting will cause a fierce blue hue.

  1. Apply colors from your accessories

When moving to a new house or purchasing items for our home, we usually have a few things that we especially love. One of the best ways to choose a color for your walls is to match the pillow, drapes, rugs, or other similar items, so the entire room comes together. The hints of color in your accessories will make the wall color “pop.”

  1. Check the mood of the room

One tip to use from a Cincinnati painting contractor when choosing a paint color is to think about utilization and mood of the room. The atmosphere of a place comes not only from the individuals who are in that room but also from the paint color that is on the walls. Dining areas can either be a social sphere or a formal area. If you want a formal setting, then you should go with a neutral color while a more social atmosphere will consist of brighter and contrasting colors.

  1. Texture adds depth

If you are looking for a soft color that gives your room depth and drama, make sure to investigate colors such as reflective metals. Some examples of these include pewter, bronze, silver, gold, and even copper. These colors will add depth to your room and give your plain-Jane walls interest and flair.

  1. Utilize accent walls in smaller homes

Apartment, tiny homes, and small houses need to be careful when choosing colors as they do not want to make the space look any smaller than what it already is. Make sure to choose colors that are light and bright to show how open and large the room is. This can be done by using accent walls. Not only are you adding color, but the rest of the room can stay a light color, encouraging depth and expansiveness.

  1. Color terms matter

When you are shopping for colors, make sure you understand the exact terms, so you are effectively conveying your message to the painting specialist. Color and hue are interchangeable, but did you know the value of a color is how light or dark the hue is? Another term to know is intensity. This refers to the brilliance of a color. An individual color is more intense than a combination of two colors.

  1. Samples are your friend

Get samples of your top three colors and paint them side by side on the wall. This will help you decide what color you like best as you can see it in a larger area than on a paint chip. Sometimes by doing this process, you can eliminate a color as it will have a value that is too dark for the room.

As you can see, whether you are purchasing a brand-new home or a vintage style house, choosing interior painting colors can be tricky. You can also see from the guide that this is where a Cincinnati painting contractor can come in handy. Let them take the stress off you and give your home the perfect hue. If you follow our advice on the top seven tips for choosing the best colors for your home, you will have the most spectacular and beautiful house on the block!

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