5 Great Reasons to Paint Your Home this Spring

Spring has arrived and with it comes outdoor spring cleaning, remodeling, power washing, chimney repairs, and other handyman activities. One of the most important events that will make your house beautiful after a long, dreary Ohio winter is spring painting! A fresh coat of paint at the hand of a Cincinnati painting contractor will make the outside of your home pop against the bright blue skies. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five reasons to paint your home this spring.

  1. Weather

One of the most important reasons for spring painting the exterior of your home is due to the harsh Ohio winters. Ohio is known to get all four seasons in one week, and this can be hard on the home’s exterior paint. When sunshine, snow, and wind occur, it can cause damage to your siding and paint. It is best to have a Cincinnati painting contractor evaluate your home for any leaks and then repaint the exterior to its original glamorous appeal.

  1. Resale Value

Another critical reason to performing spring painting, with or without a Cincinnati painting contractor, is for the resale value of your home. If you are thinking about selling your home now or in the future, it is crucial to keep the appeal of the home intact; not only is it easier to sell when you are ready, but buyers who may be scoping out a particular neighborhood will remember the dilapidated house before your repairs. This may cause them to look elsewhere and skip over your well-done remodeling job.

  1. Maintenance

Keeping your house in good condition is always a great reason to perform spring painting. Painting not only gives your exterior a fresh look but in the process of painting, you can see if there are any damages to your home that you were unaware of. Items such as damage to the gutters, water leaks, termite issues, and other like problems can be easily spotted by yourself or a Cincinnati painting contractor, and repairs can occur accordingly.

  1. Attractiveness

There is something to be said about curb appeal. If for nothing more than superficial reasons, a nicely painted house is attractive. It not only makes your property look good, but it makes you feel proud and grateful as a homeowner!

  1. Time

Unfortunately, time just keeps on ticking by whether you want it to or not. That fresh coat of paint you put on years ago needs to be completed again. It is just the normal wear and tear of owning a home in the hot Ohio summers. If you use a professional who is knowledgeable and uses a better-quality paint, more time can pass before you need to paint again. It also makes a difference in who performs the painting. You need to use someone who has quality work, such as a Cincinnati painting contractor.

As you can see, spring painting with or without a Cincinnati painting contractor is a lot of work. There is much planning and time invested in not only deciding if you need to paint but also in choosing a painting color and implementing the process. If you follow our advice on the top five great reasons to paint your home this spring, you will not only have the best-looking house in the neighborhood, but you will have a well-maintained house that won’t be needing repairs anytime soon!


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