3 Considerations Before Re-Painting Your Commercial Property


Commercial painting is a crucial part of property ownership, protection of that investment, and the Commercial Painting Contractorattractiveness of the commercial property. Commercial painting can not only be a huge endeavor, but it can become costly as well. You want to make sure that your commercial property does indeed need to be re-painted. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top three considerations to take into account before calling a commercial Cincinnati painting contractor.

  1. Quality Paint

When repainting commercial properties, you need to make sure that you use a Cincinnati painting contractor or a highly skilled handyman who has performed commercial painting in the past. You want someone who is knowledgeable, competent, and can report on findings that arise once the painting is underway. If wood rot, chimney repair, or damage to the gutters is found on your commercial property, you want someone who can easily correct the issue or contact you regarding the problem as soon as possible. They should know about paint and especially quality paints. Your commercial property needs to have special paint that provides industrial high-performance coatings. Your exterior paint needs to last a long time, and by using a higher grade of paint, your commercial property will require less maintenance and remodeling over time.

  1. Weather

The Ohio weather can be very rough on commercial properties. Whether you are a Cincinnati painting contractor or a skilled painter, the damage from the sun will dictate when you need to have an exterior repaint session performed. As a commercial business, you want your customers and clients to see a building that is attractive and in good repair. If you have sun fading of your commercial property, it can make a potential client lose faith in you as a business due to your lack of detail and maintenance. They may think, “if this is how you treat your own building, how will you handle me and my needs?” Don’t let this happen to you, make sure to keep weather related issues at bay. If a significant wind or rain storm occurs, inspect your commercial painting to make sure the coating is still protective and if it is not, hire a Cincinnati painting contractor to come and evaluate your needs immediately.

  1. Color

The last consideration to take into account when you are looking at re-painting your commercial property is the choice of color. You are not going to want to choose too bold of a color, but on the other hand, you do not want a dull color either. Color is very emotional for people. It can be a determining factor in their choice of your business over any others. As a property manager, you may not get a choice because you will be using the color that corporate has selected. But if you can choose on your own, it would be beneficial to choose a lighter color as you won’t notice as much sun fading as a darker hue and that is incredibly important in the hot Ohio sun. If you can see your roof from street level, does the color clash or compliment the roofing.

As you can see, many factors go into keeping a commercial property with a beautiful coat of paint. If you follow our advice on the top three considerations to take into account before re-painting your commercial property, you will have money in the bank and a beautiful and active commercial building!

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