3 Simple Interior Painting Tips

This year you really want to make it happen: that Cincinnati painting project that your house needs toCincinnati Painting make your living room feel more spacious, inviting, and fresh. It feels like you never sit on your couch anymore and you don’t really know, but it could be that dark burnt orange wall. Why is that wall painted that color anyway? You can’t recall why it seemed like such a good idea years ago, but now you feel like a little change of color could fix that.

A Little Paint Can Go a Long Way

You home is a bit of an extension of yourself, and of your personality. When we want to change furniture around or make DIY home projects, it only reflects the interest that we have in improving our living space. Cincinnati Painting is a budget-friendly option to modify the appearance of a room almost in its entirety. A single wall painted a different color can make a big difference. Interior painting has its pros and cons, especially when it’s done by yourself. One of the benefits of painting a room yourself is that you’ll save money. Another one is that you’ll be able to see the impact that the paint has done on the room instantaneously.

The cons, however, can be risky. Maybe that burnt orange wall on your living room was originally your idea, but now that you have realized it doesn’t work, and you might want to pick a different color to liven up the space.

Choosing Your Weapon

The general advice is to study the room you plan on painting, and then to plan your colors based on its color scheme. For example, a bold and modern living room can be enlivened with bright colors while a more formal living room could use softer and cool hues. Another of of these painting tips is to try and contrast the colors from one room to another so the whole house doesn’t feel monochromatic and too intense.

Prepping Your House

If you’ll do the interior painting yourself, make sure you are able to clear the space so that you will have no trouble setting up the ladder and your paint utensils. This brings us to another point. Make sure you have enough of the necessary items you will need, such as extra rollers, brushes, or sandpaper sheets. Lay down enough newspaper along the walls where you’ll start.

If your walls need a surface preparation before you apply primers and paint, make sure you know ahead of time if this is a necessary step for your home. New drywall will usually work best with latex, while new plaster needs a hardening treatment before applying primer. If your walls have been painted before, wash them to remove any particles and loose paint that could come off. For smooth walls, sanding is an important step to take before applying your primer.

A Bonus Painting Tip

One of the best door painting tips is to stay within the same color family while changing textures. This is also true for the doors, which should be painted the glossy version of the wall color. This helps to maintain consistency while the glossy texture will help the paintwork last longer and it will be easier to wipe clean.



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