Reasons to not paint your house yourself

Painting your Cincinnati home

A new paint job for your Cincinnati home, whether exterior or interior is like a new haircut for you, it makes you feel clean, refreshed and even the people who see you frequently, like your neighbors willCommercial Exterior on ladders1 (2) - Copy notice. Changing up the colors in your home is a great way to give it fresh, new curb appeal.

Not many people I know can give themselves a new haircut but usually go to a pro and get it done right. So why do you think that something as visual and infrequently done as a Cincinnati house painting could be done right by an amateur?

Using a professional Cincinnati painting contractor will ensure that your money and time doesn’t go to waste. Attempting to paint your home without a professional contractor could mean that you buy too much paint, use the wrong primer or simply bite off more than you can chew. A professional painting service is going to have all of the tools and skills to access your painting needs.

In addition, painting preparation is very important. Having your walls prepared by a professional will ensure that the final product is perfect. Paint does not cover up holes, cracks, and damage. Sometimes there are issues that an untrained eye can’t pick out which could end up costing you more and giving you an end result that you might have to have repeated.

Just staging a painting job with ladders, covers, and scaffolding can be a lot of work that you did not expect, especially exterior painting. Being on a ladder is a learned skill and can cause injury and damage if you are not familiar with them. I have seen them damage gutters and downspouts and even roofing shingles. They also can damage bushes and other landscaping if you are not careful.

When you are ready for a Cincinnati house painting, do yourself a favor and call a Cincinnati painting contractor for a quote before you try and take it on by yourself.


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